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Cute Accessories to Top Off Your Outfit

Yes, the old saying that shoes make an outfit is correct — but so do accessories! In fact, we think shoes are actually a category of accessories in themselves.

Spoiled Rotten is about to become your forever favorite accessories boutique.

Why are accessories so important? They can take a drab outfit to fab. The right details are everything when it comes to picking out an ensemble… and a little bit of sparkle can be a huge mood lift.

From totes to sunglasses and scarves — cute accessories are the cherry on top of your outfit. We’ve got a huge selection… and a ton on sale!


Who doesn’t love jewelry? Bracelets, charms, earrings, necklaces — we’ll take them all. The right baubles can elevate a simple white Tee and jeans to an actual fashion statement.


We swoon over a great pair of modern — yet classic — pair of shades! Plus, you gotta protect those beautiful peepers.

Totes & Purses

Raise your hand if you have a bag obsession! Yup, the addiction is real. Our cute totes and purses are equal parts fashion and function.


Headwraps have been on the scene forever, but they’ve been enjoying a renaissance of sorts the past couple of years —  and we’re all for it! A simple piece of cloth worn as headwear is an easy way to add a pop of color. Extra bonus: They’re great for those days when you just don’t have time to wash your hair.


Beanies are lifesavers! They keep our head and ears warm, cover up flyaways when the air is cold and dry — and we’ll take any excuse to wear an adorable fuzzy pom-pom on the top of our heads!


A beautiful scarf can transform an outfit. It’s like magic. And we love that they can be worn year round. Scarves were made for winter, but a lite summer scarf is a total fashion “do.”

Socks & Slippers

Socks, more often than not, are an afterthought. But when you have on a great pair, people take notice. Our colorful selection of socks and slippers are fashionable — and super soft and comfy!


Back in the day, gloves were a fashion necessity. Nowadays, it might seem a little extra to wear gloves year-round (not that we have anything against extra!), but having a cute pair to wear during the colder months is imperative. Why where blah old ski loves for warmth when you can wear a something fun?