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Is there anything in life more necessary than leisurewear? Let’s be real, the activewear phenomenon that has swept the world of fashion over the past couple years is not something we’re mad at. Women’s loungewear let’s us feel like we’re wearing jammies, while still looking stylish. That’s what you call the ultimate win-win.

It’s All in the Feel

Loungewear should be as luxuriously comfy as pajamas, but look pulled together enough to be worn in public. How is this feat accomplished? It’s all about the fabric! Cozy French terry, elevated sweatshirt material hoodies and super soft drawstring pants are just a few ways we love to rock this look.

The Shoes

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what shoes to wear with loungewear, but you really can’t go wrong with a cute pair of tennies! Luckily sneakers aren’t just sneakers any more — they’ve evolved into a fashion statement all in themselves. Gone are the days of ugly running shoes. You can snag a pair in millennial pink or a floral pattern now. And never underestimate the power of a simple classic tennis shoe reminiscent of Converse All-Stars. They complement any piece of loungewear perfectly.

Mix & Match

One of the most glorious things about loungewear (besides, oh, everything) is the versatility. When you have a few leisurewear pieces (like a comfy pair of joggers and a cute hoodie in your wardrobe), all you have to do is invest in a couple basic t-shirts and tanks for the possibilities to be endless. Keep things balanced by wearing form-fitting pants with a less structured top and vice-versa.

Check out our women’s loungewear selection and spoil yourself with the ultimate indulgence! Free shipping on all orders over $75.