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Good things happen when you wear a swimsuit. Pool parties. Vacation. Beach days. Water skiing. Lake-side barbecues. How could any of these activities not bring a smile to your face? The right swimsuit is imperative—and you’ll love our selection of bathing suits for women.


The past couple years, the popularity of one-piece swimwear has come back with a vengeance! Even if you’re looking for the extra coverage that a once-piece gives, rocking one is far from boring.

Two-Piece and Bikini Bathing Suits

Daring to bare a little more? A bright bikini is classic! We’re loving the off-the-shoulder styles that have started popping up the past couple of years.

Style It Up

The perfect beach or pool party only begins with a good suit—you’ll need to accessorize that look, too! Grab a cute, summery bag (like a boxy bamboo purse or a bright, roomy tote). A boho-style headwrap is the perfect way to keep your hair out of your face while enjoying a gentle sea breeze. And don’t forget a cute pair of sunnies to protect your eyes!

More Than Just Swimwear

The beauty of a really cute, unique bathing suit is that you can easily turn it into a gorgeous outfit. We love the look of an off-the-shoulder, ruffly swimsuit top or a one-shoulder tankini paired with a floor skimming skirt for dining at a cozy restaurant by the beach. Or throw on some chambray ruffled shorts over a striped one-piece and you can jump right off that poolside chair and into the rest of your summer day.

Year Round Swimwear

True, when we think about bathing suits the word “summer” automatically pops into our head (and it would be a horrible fate to receive an invite to a river float or beach party, but not have a unique bathing suit on hand to wear). However, having a healthy stock of swimsuits on hand year round is as important as always having your passport up-to-date… you never know when an opportunity for some Christmastime holiday travel might arise!

Spoiled Rotten has a plethora of boutique swimwear at fair prices. So go ahead… spoil yourself!