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Boutique Scarves for Women

Who doesn’t love a good scarf? By the time August rolls around and we’re at the tail-end of summer, we’re practically begging for some cooler weather so we can break out all our fabulous neckwear. There’s just something about wrapping yourself up in a scarf that feels so luxurious — not to mention the fact that it looks fab as well.

We’ve got an amazing selection of adorable boutique scarves for women.

How to Wear a Scarf

There are about a million ways to wear a scarf! We love the look of an easy drape around the shoulders and adding a belt, but a classic toss over the shoulder is just as easy (and cute!). Right now, a front tie or loop is very on-trend.

Infinity Scarves

Find styling a scarf a little tricky? You can’t go wrong with an infinity scarf! Just pull that baby on over your head, give it a quick loop, and you’ve got instant style.

The Minimalist Look

Pulling off a minimalist vibe doesn’t mean you have to go accessory free! A classic long, loose cable knit scarf in a neutral shade like oatmeal complements the look amazingly.

Go Bold

An oversized, super long scarf in a big, bright color is a great way to add some sunshine to a dreary winter day! And animal print is so in right now, making a leopard print scarf the definition of fashion and function.

The Perfect Match

A scarf is comfy and warm on it’s own, but pair it with a matching beanie for even more coziness! We love the look of a coordinated beanie/scarf combo.

Not Just for Fall and Winter

We all automatically associate scarves and shawls with colder seasons, but don’t forget the easy breezy summer scarf! They’re a beautiful complement to any outfit when the weather is balmy.

Go ahead. Spoil yourself with one (or two or three) of our fun boutique scarves for women!