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Spring 2019

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Seasonal Clothing

Spring is in the air—and all up in our closets! After what felt like an especially long, grueling winter, we couldn’t be happier that the weather is finally starting to warm up. Don’t get us wrong, we love wearing cute leggings and a comfy sweater—up to a point. But after, oh, five million days in a row of gloomy weather, we’re pretty much begging to wear a sundress. We’re so excited that all the cute Spring 2019 fashions are finally here! Hope you enjoy the spring trends as much as we do.

Flower Power

What’s the first thing you think of when it comes to spring? Blooming flowers, of course! We’re not opposed to wearing them year-round, but this time of year florals become an obsession. From feminine floral maxis to flirty flowery tops, you won’t be disappointed by our spring selection of floral prints.


Easter’s got a lot of competition, but it’s easily one of our favorite holidays for the colors alone. This season is when we start to see pops of pastel yellows, pinks and blues—and the cheery colors are definitely a mood lift. Spring pastels work to elevate pretty much every item of clothing—there’s a huge difference between a basic black T and a pretty pastel pink one!


Oh, rompers. How we love, thee! One of the worst parts of winter is saying goodbye to our favorite short one-pieces for a solid 6 months. But not anymore! It’s time to stock up on cute rompers and overalls again. They’re a spring staple that will last you through September.

Spring Dresses

Mini, midi or maxi—give us all the dresses for spring! The easiest way to feel put together in springtime is to throw on a pretty frock in either one of the aforementioned pastels or florals, and you’re good to go.


Make that pedi appointment, because it’s time to reveal those pretty, polished toes! After a winter of having our little piggies stuffed in boots, it’s so freeing to be able to throw on a pair of sandals. And whether you prefer to wear your spring styles in a high-heeled wedge or a trendy flat, we’ve got tons of options that will complement your spring wear perfectly.


Spring is definitely not too early to start thinking about swimwear. Other than the fact that a new swimsuit for spring break is a necessity, summer is right around the corner! Check out our selection of swimwear to get ahead of the game.

Styles for Those Chilly Spring Nights

Yes, we’re amped for sunny days, but spring is notorious for teasing us with warmth—only to throw more than a handful of chilly days and nights our way. A brightly striped cardigan or a cozy camo pullover weekender or the perfect antidote.