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Let’s get some shoes!

You read the sign: “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service”! Shoes are essential to get anywhere in life—quite literally. Shoes help us exercise, they guard our feet from the elements and they keep our toes warm when it’s cold out. But let’s be real: Shoes are so much more than that. The right shoe can elevate the humblest of outfits—and we can’t live without a cute pair (or two, or three or 10) in our arsenal.

Here are some of our favorite styles you’ll find in the boutique:


The right sandal can take your whole ensemble to the next level. What we value the most about sandals are their versatility. A simple, strappy sandal can be worn with pretty much anything: Maxi dresses, midi dresses, jeans, shorts and jumpsuits all go with a great sandal.


Don’t tell heels and boots, but wedges are secretly our favorite shoe style. They’re a comfy way to add a little height—without sacrificing comfort. And they’re so much easier to walk in! Did we mention they’re super cute?

High Heels

As a wise woman named Carrie Bradshaw once said, “I’m not afraid of heights. Have you seen my shoes?” Heels add glamour and style in an instant.


Flats kinda get a bad rap for being boring, but we’re here to declare that’s a myth! A flat made in the right color and with the right materials can be just as chic as their high-heeled counterparts.


Some boots were made for walking… and some boots were made to take a “meh” outfit to a “OMG” look. There’s a reason so many people have boot addictions!


Sorry, No Free Shipping

If your order totals $75 or more, we will ship it Standard, but this excludes all sale and regular-priced shoes. $5 per pair is added to your shipping total, whether flat rate or free standard. The total cost of the shoes in your cart counts toward your total.